BJSS Consulting

I work for BJSS consulting, a privately owned agile technology delivery consultancy.


I primarily work as a Technical Architect on client site, delivering software projects with small teams. I will cover other roles flexibly however, and often take on a more technical lead-type role as I’m an architect who remains very technical, reviewing code on a regular basis.

I often get involved with everything from business analysis to platform engineering/devops.

Recent deliveries include applications for a mobile workforce, including Android applications and supporting server-side components rolled out successfully to over 70 thousand devices.
I am currently working on microservice and event streaming based services for a Government client using cloud technologies and Kubernetes.

Previous Employment

  • Wynyard Group I was employed as a Solutions Architect at Wynyard Group in London. Wynyard originated in New Zealand and is a global market leader in the development of advanced crime fighting software used in investigations and intelligence operations by government agencies and financial institutions. Wynyard solutions help solve and prevent crime, defend against advanced persistent cyber threats and counter terrorism.
  • BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Since joining the company in August 2012 I worked with clients in both the public and private sector. A significant proportion of my time was spent working with big-data tools within BAE Systems NetReveal product line, which facilitate data exploitation and analytics in a number of different markets. I utilise communication, problem solving and technical skills on a daily basis, spending time working with clients as well as other vendors and contractors. Activity included working with new technologies, following agile continuous delivery methodologies, through to technical support and development of existing deployments. Additionally I used some of my existing project and client based experience to support the planning and proposals of new work.
  • BAE Systems (Technical Lead Position) In September 2014 — I moved into a technical lead role, supporting a team to deliver data discovery/analytics functionality to a large financial services client. This extends an already varied position and includes requirements delivery and providing guidance and technical support to team members.
  • Google UK Prior to working at BAE and during my studies at the University of Southampton, I completed two summer internships at Google in London. This time was spent providing technical services to an advertising services sales team, in particular migrating processes to new technical solutions and providing training.